Memory Book
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What is it?
The Memory Book is a subscription service that provides individualized stories and memories about your college / university years

Organized by:
  * Campus of your school
  * School Year
  * Participating Organization
      * * Sororities
      * * Fraternities
      * * Activities (teams, others)

What's in it?

  *   For Each Campus
      * * General info & history
      * * Pictures
  *   For Each Organization
      * * General info & history
      * * Pictures
      * * Stories & memories

Individualized by YOU
Untitled Document
    Welcome to your Memory Book   individualized by YOU

Now you can get an individualized yearbook for your campus, your year(s) and your organization(s) (sorority, faternity or activity like football or school group).

You can forever relive the pictures, memories and stories that helped form you into the person you are today.
You can view it on-line with a subscription or print just what you want to keep forever.

To get started: choose your campus, then get ready to go back in time to your college days.

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